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About Us

Salfi Established in 2015 with in house manufacturing unite in Jubail Industrial City at Saudi Arabia. Salfi is an aflliate of Saudi Salwa Company ltd.
Salfi Filtration Company, a manufacturer of highly specialized in water treatment filter cartridges, has been meeting global demand for filtration solutions for over one years. From our line of free standing, horizontal and custom design FRP filtration vessels, to our Excel Replacement Filter Cartridges for Food and Industrial Water applications, our focus is on reliability, durability and longevity of product.
At Salfi Company, customer service comes first and technology and innovation meet, to create precision engineered filter cartridges for all your liquid filtration needs.

Why we are best for you

We are proud that our products can service many industries around the globe.  SALFI makes Filters for almost anything in liquid;

Fast Delivery

Our Manufacturing unit capable of producing 108,720+ filters on yearly basis .Our fully flegd manufacturing unit is always ready for your needs.

Support & Service

We're always standing by and eager to help and support the industry .We are providing a full complement of after sale customer Services and Support to ensure customer success.

Quality & Reliability

Salfi provides emphasis to deliver high quality and integrated products that allow the industry to improve their performance whilst maintaining or enhancing their safety and environmental achievements.

Available Different Size

In Salfi we are producing filters in different sizes varying from 10inch to 70 inch.We can supply the filters in standerd size 10",20",30",40",50",60" and 70". .

Filter rating from 0.5 to 200 microns

We are capable to produce filters rating from 0.5 to 200 microns. Salfi filter cartridges are offered in standard micron ratings of 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75 , 100 and 200. On request, customized micron rating can also be provided

Raw materials are made in the USA

To achieve higher quality we are only using high quality raw materials in our production. The raw materials are directly imported from United states of America .


The standard pure PP cartridge which SALFI will make is extractable free and engineered for superior filtration performance.

100% pure Polypropylene /

We are using High Temperature-Resistant, Anti-Pilling and Abrasion Resistant pure Polypropylene yarn.

High dirt holding capacity /

Salfi filter cartilages are suitable in various water applications because of their high dirt absorption and holding capacity. It can hold high amount impurities from the water.

FDA Approved /

100% pure Polypropylene yarn and core are used in our production. Both are FDA approved

/ long life-cycle

Salfi filters have long product life cycle compared to other filters in the market. We can reduce your maintenance cost tremendously.

/Wide chemical compatibility

It is a measure of low stable a substance is when mixed with another substance.Our filters have wide chemical compatibility and it can hold lots of impurities from the water

/ELF Technology

3 Denier polypropylene fiber incorporating ELF (Extra Low Foaming) technology

Quality control and quality assurance are extremely important aspects of in our production line. By providing product & services that satisfy the clients’ requirements, and comply with relevant international engineering and quality standards, Salfi reinforces its reputation for high quality and reliable service. It is by putting this philosophy into practice, that Salfi has expanded steadily and firmly, and earned the respect and commendation of its clients. We are reliable because we know the market, we are honest and truthful. Our people, products and processes must always meet, or supersede, agreed results..

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Q:Are you manufacturer ?
A:Yes, we are the manufacturer with continuous and improved R&D, production, sales and service supply.

Q:What’s your main products ?
A: We are the Manufacturer of 100 poly propylene Cartridge filters to be used in Pre Treatment vessels of RO membrane units in Desalinization Plant, and water applications and all industries which uses Pre Filtration Systems.

Q what are the main application areas of your product?
A: Our filters are widely applicable in Commercial Water Treatment, Industrial Reverse Osmosis Filtration, Waste Water Filtration, Gas purification, Oil and gas production and Electronics and electroplating.

Q:Can I get your price list ?
A: Yes, sure. In order to send you our available offered price, please choose the products and let us know the product size and requirement in detail.

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